West Bengal Mamata Kitchen (Didir Rannaghar) Scheme 2020 – Eat Meal at Rs. 5

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Hello, Friends West Bengal government has introduced this new scheme in West Bengal for providing meals to poor people and migrate workers Rs.5., who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic outbreak. To know abpout the scheme read the complete article.

At Mamata's Kitchen in Bengal, migrants to get meals at Rs 5 - India News
Meal at Rs. 5

About the Scheme

For supporting lakhs of migrant workers who has suffered who endured monstrous money related difficulty setback due to job losses because of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak,West Bengal Government has launched a new scheme,WB Mamata Kitchen Scheme 2020 under this scheme All these migrants workers will get meals at Rs. 5 in the Didir Rannaghar (Mamata’s Kitchen) Scheme. This kitchen is a community kitchen scheme under this all mealcost will be Rs. 5 during the Durga Pooja Period, The people group kitchen will be useful consistently between 11 am to 3 pm. The menu will change on everyday schedule and will involve generally veggie lover and will incorporate rice, dal (beats), blend vegetable, ‘shukto’ (vegetable stew) soyabean, ‘khichdi’ (cooked rice and lentils), papad.

Implementation of this scheme

As West Bengal sets itself up for estimated Durga Puja festivities 2020 in the midst of social separating, Mamata’s Kitchen Scheme would be a shelter for needy individuals. Didir Rannaghar Kitchen activity by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is dispatched in relationship with different gathering clubs. The activity will welcome grins on lakhs of individuals who are battling to discover even one complete dinner daily.

These Mamata kitchens have just begun working in different pieces of West Bengal state. It incorporates Howrah locale, Belgachhia (in Kolkata) and Barrackpore in North 24-Parganas region. The state govt. likewise plans to run comparable kitchens over the state for the length of the happy season.

Beneficiary of this scheme

In Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s leadership, WB govt. has decided to stand beside the people, primarily those belonging to the underprivileged sections/unorganised sectors.

These poor people have suffered a lot of problems due to pandemic circumstances.

The state govt. have much hope from this “Didir Rannaghar” scheme that it will provide benefit such people from economically weaker sections and workers immensely.

Another Help Mamta’s leadership

Aside from Cooked Food in Mamata Kitchen Scheme, the state govt. is wanting to give garments to destitute individuals so they can wear new garments during the merry seasons. WB Didir Rannaghar is a vow attempted by the TMC drove state govt. to help the individuals who are engaging to take care of their relatives because of occupation misfortune.

Hygiene Measures in Mamata’s Kitchen Scheme

An uncommon consideration will be paid to cleanliness in these Mamata kitchens. The state govt. will promote Didir Rannaghar Scheme to make them mainstream and a few banners with public cleanliness messages will be set up at block level. WB govt. has just begun almost 700 Sramojibi flask (network kitchen) over the state. The gathering has additionally likewise started 50 wellbeing centers and safe houses for the helpless who can’t bear the cost of costly medical care offices.

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