WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme, Free Rice through PDS to 10 Cr People 2020-2021

Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme

Dear Candidate this scheme has been launched in West Bengal for the distribution of free Rice. WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme 2020-2021 would be rolled out soon, free rice distribution to around 10 crore people through the public distribution system (PDS) till June 2021, To know more about this scheme read the complete article given below.

WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme 2020

WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme 2020 will be turned out by the West Bengal government. The state govt. plans to turn out plan to get Kharif paddy for its public circulation. It is on the grounds that the govt. tries to keep up unhindered inventory of free rice to around 10 crore individuals till June 2021. In the WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme 2020, the state govt. expects to enlist more than 30 lakh ranchers. Approx. 13 lakh of an expected 72 lakh paddy ranchers in West Bengal have enlisted themselves for the Karif Paddy Procurement Scheme up until this point. The WB state govt. is intending to connect with whatever number ranchers as would be prudent.

The new WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme plans to secure paddy to keep up unhindered stock of rice for our public circulation framework. The plan will be turned out soon and West Bengal govt. will begin securing paddy in the December 2020 end.

Need for Kharif Paddy Procurement Scheme

There is a super collect of paddy in this Kharif season and low interest have hit paddy costs. The costs of Paddy in this season have fallen beneath the public authority reported least help value (MSP). The West Bengal govt. is intending to force a roof on the measure of paddy to be secured from every rancher. This will assist us with enlisting ranchers under this WB Kharif Paddy Procurement Schem

Details for KMS 20-21

Procurement Quantity(Qtl.) – 24,29,440.25

Dispatch To Rice Mill (Qtl.) – 24,17,264.91

Value Of Procured Paddy (Rs.) – 457,73,35,154

No. of Farmer Registration – 15,15,174

Decentralized Procurement of Rice for KMS 2020-2021

The decentralized obtainment of rice by the WB state govt. which began during Kharif Marketing season 1997-98 will proceed for KMS 2020-21. The public authority request can be checked utilizing the link-https://procurement.wbfood.in/Notification/Procurment%20Order%20KMS%202020-21.pdf

Procurement of Paddy by West Bengal Government

The state government of West Bengal is intending to secure around 45 quintals of paddy from every rancher. In the FY 2019, the most extreme acquirement of paddy went up to 90 quintals for each rancher at a MSP of Rs. 1,868 for each quintal. The cost of paddy this time, is yet to be fixed. It will be finished remembering the interest of the ranchers.

The state additionally has plans to set up an extraordinary observation framework to guarantee that the selected ranchers offer their gather to the public authority and not to hoarders.

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