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Hello Dear Friends, this scheme is wonderful news for every Indian as we know the festival of joy Dewali is coming which is celebrates for Lord Rama, at this festival our government is taking a great step by introducing this scheme. UP Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Online Portal to launch, Now you can participate in Diwali festival celebration at virtual deepotsav website, To enjoy this festival online read the complete process here, check the official launch of the portal by CM Yogi Adityanath for Deepawali 2020 and its features, COVID-19 protocols to be followed even in physical lighting of 5.5 lakh diya (lamps)

On the Occasion of Diwali, Uttar Pradesh Government has going to launch UP Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Online Portal for making able people to participate in the Diwali Festival celebration online. As we all know Deepawali is a festival of lights that is coming on 14 November in 2020 for this UP government has launched a portal or website for the virtual flame lamp festival. Now all the people can light a Diya online being physically present in the lighting festival attributable to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

UP Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Online Portal

It is suggested that the Ayodhya occupants will enlighten the sanctuary town by lighting 5,51,000 earthen lights just before Diwali. This lightning celebration festivity would be the greatest lights function on the planet and along these lines would be recorded in the Guinness World Record book. The diyas will be lit alongside ‘Smash Ki Pairi’, all mutts, sanctuaries and homes with the goal that the entire sanctuary town is lit up brilliantly.

Participate in Diwali Festival Celebration at Virtual Deepotsav Website 

In addition these actual light lighting, UP govt. will likewise begin Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Online Portal. This UP Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Website will be for those individuals who can’t remain actually present at the fire light celebration. Such individuals would now be able to light their own diya and take an interest in Diwali lighting festivities from their home.

World Record of UP Diwali Lighting Lamp Festival

Ayodhya Deepotsav is a Guinness world record holder which was begun by before CM Yogi Adityanath in 2017. Lakhs of diyas are lit to light up the ghats of sacred Saryu and the whole Ayodhya town to stamp Deepawali festivities. Diwali is the homecoming function of Lord Ram alongside Sita and sibling Lakshman following an outcast of 14 years.

Official Launch of Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Portal

For the year 2020, to cause individuals to take an interest in the function basically, the Uttar Pradesh state government would dispatch the site on 13 November on Deepawali eve. PM Narendra Modi is probably going to partake in virtual festival of Diwali 2020 which will occur in Ayodhya’s Sri Ramlala Darbar.

The state govt. has chosen to illuminate over 5.5 lakh diyas (lights) on this event and individuals have been welcome to participate in the function practically. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, a few limitations have been laid to guarantee the festival is completed easily. The current year’s function will be extraordinary as it comes a long time after the establishing of the framework stone for Ram Temple in August.

UP Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Online Portal Features

The UP Ayodhya virtual deepotsav entryway highlights will be no less genuine than the real one. Along these lines, the new Ayodhya Deepotsav site will empower an at no other time genuine experience and its significant highlights would be as per the following:-

Ayodhya Virtual Deepotsav Online Portal will have a picture of Sri Ram Lalla Virajman before which the virtual lights will be lit.

Ayodhya Deepotsav Portal will have an office to get one’s preferred light remain i.e steel, metal or some other material.

A choice of utilizing ghee or oil will likewise be accessible for lovers.

Not just this, the hands of the individual illuminating the light on the site would be founded on whether the enthusiast is a man or a lady.

After the lights are lit, in view of the subtleties of the fans, a thank you computerized letter conveying the image of Shri Ram Lalla from the UP CM will likewise be given.

The web-based interface will be up before the headliner on 13 November 2020 to be accessible for average folks.

COVID-19 Protocols to be Followed in Ayodhya Deepotsav Festival

Minister Yogi Adityanath had given guidelines to make the Ayodhya Deepotsav excellent this time however has additionally forewarned that there ought to be no break of Covid-19 convention. CM has likewise given orders to hold distinctive every day customs by guaranteeing that all Covid-19 conventions were clung to. The security was reinforced and all functions were dropped in twin urban areas of Ayodhya and Faizabad on 9 November 2020, which denotes the primary commemoration of the Ayodhya decision by the Supreme Court of India.

On one hand, searching of the vehicles heading towards Ram sanctuary site was escalated in Ayodhya. Then again, boycott was forced on celebrating first commemoration of the redemption of summit court request by which the 2.77 section of land contested land was given over to Hindu gatherings and five-section of land assigned to the Sunni Waqf Board in Dhannipur town under Sohawal tehsil in Ayodhya locale to develop a mosque. On 5 August 2020, PM Modi had come down to Ayodhya to perform Bhoomi Pujan to clear path for the development of the Ram sanctuary at his origination.

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