Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2020 Apply Form / Amount / Money Status / List of Banks & Details

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Hello friends a new scheme has been launched in the state of Telangana,Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2020-21, you can get all the regarding information like Apply Form / Amount / Money Status / List of Banks & details at official website, input assistance of Rs. 10,000 (5,000 per acre per season) in Farmers Investment Support Scheme to 58 lakh farmers covering around 1.42 crore acres of farming land, Another launch is Pattadar Passbook Initiative (Dharani) for land records.

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2020

Dear reader Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2020 had been launched as horticulture speculation uphold conspire. In this Farmers Investment Support Scheme (FISS), govt. is giving monetary help of Rs. 10,000 every year (Rs. 5,000 for every section of land per season) to every farmer. This info help conspire is profiting around 61.49 lakh farmers covering around 1.52 crore sections of land of cultivating the land. Farmers.s in Telangana will presently get Rs 7,500 crore monetary help under the express government’s Rythu Bandhu plot from 28 December 2020 to 7 January 2021.

The essential target of this plan is to amplify horticultural creation and efficiency. Boss Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on 7 December 2020 has coordinated the authorities worried to guarantee that every single the state get the help. In this article, we will inform you concerning the Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2020 apply structure, sum, how to check cash status, rundown of partaking banks and complete subtleties.

The state govt. has made a budgetary portion of Rs. 14,000 crore for this Farmers Investment Support Scheme in Telangana Budget 2020-21. This plan was before named as “Rythu Lakshmi”. This plan will prompt strengthening of farmer.s. To help farmer.s, govt. has likewise begun Pattadar Passbook Initiative. All the farmers will currently get new Pattadar Passbook as one single verification of proprietorship.

All the little and peripheral farmers/SC-ST farmer./Record of Forest Rights (ROFR) Pattadars will get monetary help double each year straightforwardly without the contribution of a brokers. FISS doesn’t determines any maximum breaking point on the land property as 97% of the all out farmers have under 10 sections of land of land possessions.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Apply Form

To know the complete process for how to apply for this scheme, how to download Rythu Bandhu Scheme Apply Form including bank details collection form read the conplete article given below, aadhaar authentication form and give it up form through online mode.

  • For apply this scheme candidate first need to visit the official website  at
  •  After visiting the official website homepage of the website will open now at the homepage, click at the “Rythu Bandhu” tab.
  • After this the Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme homepage will appear which can even be opened using the direct link given here –
  • Now go to the “Notifications” section and then click at the respective links to open the forms as mentioned here.

How to Download Rythu Bandhu Bank Details Collection Form

In the Notifications area, click at the “Bank Details Collection Form” connection to open the Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme Bank Details Collection Form 2020 Download this structure and take a printout to empower yourself to present your bank subtleties. Subsequently, every one of the recipient will get Rs. 5,000 for every section of land per season straightforwardly into the ledgers through DBT mode.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Give It Up Form

In the Notifications area, click at the “Surrender It Proforma” connection to open the Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme Give Up Form 2020Download this structure and take a printout of command for surrendering sum under Rythu Bandhu Scheme. This structure is to be submitted to the Agriculture Extension Officer.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme Aadhar Consent Form

In the Notifications section, click at the “Draft Declaration for Aadhar Authentication” connection to open the Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme Aadhar Consent Form 2020 Download the structure, take a printout, fill and submit it to the concerned specialists. The Aadhaar Authentication structure should be submitted mandatorily to guarantee that the DBT sum comes to the proposed recipient only

Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme Amount

The total at the pace of Rs 5,000 for every section of land will be credited straightforwardly into the financial balances of recipient farmers. Boss Minister KCR has guided the authorities to deliver Rs 7,515 crore. He said the help should start with farmers who have less holding of grounds and all farmers. ought to get the help with 10 days. This will be the second portion of speculation backing to be given to farmers, this year. In June, the principal portion was credited in the financial balances of 61.49 lakh landholding farmers.

An assignment of Rs 14,000 crore was made for Rythu Bandhu in 2020-21 financial plan and now over Rs. 7,500 crore would be delivered. Under the plan, Rs 10,000 speculation uphold is being accommodated each section of land each year. The public authority is crediting the sum in two portions for two harvest seasons.

List of Participating Banks in Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

Below is the complete list of participating banks in Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme 2020:-

Bank NameMandal Count
State Bank of India3398430
Andhra Bank2689156
Syndicate Bank903696
Corporation Bank315277
Indian Overseas Bank601562
Canara Bank595743
AP Grameena Vikas Bank1323887
Telangana Grameena Bank945170
IDBI Bank107002

Salient Features of Rythu Bandhu Scheme

The significant highlights a lot of this plan are as per the following:-

Rythu Bandhu is a straightforward per section of land venture uphold plot for farmers.

Telangana govt. will give Rs. 10,000 for every section of land to be paid yearly in 2 equivalent portions to be credited straightforwardly into financial balances of recipients. Prior, pay request checks of Rs. 5,000 for every harvest season were given to farmers.

Out of the complete 71.75 lakh farmers in the state, around 61.49 lakh farmers. are getting profited by this plan. Sharecroppers are rejected from this info help plot.

Telangana govt. has made an arrangement of Rs. 14000 crore solely for Rythu Bandhu Investment Support Scheme and now Rs. 7,515 crore would be delivered from 28 December 2020 to 7 January 2021.

This plan is covering 1.52 crore sections of land of cultivating land as responsibility for land is unmistakably settled and recorded.

Rythu Samanvaya Samiti will give this help to farmers. through online mode (prior through a bank carrier check). Horticulture Extension Officers (AEOs) are reliably observing the Rythu Bandhu checks conveyance at provincial/town level. These AEOs likewise holds the obligation to make section of check subtleties on tablet PC gave.

Online Transfer of Amount in Rythu Bandhu Scheme

The state administration of Telangana had chosen to move sum under Rythu Bandhu Scheme straightforwardly into ledgers of farmers. Presently the Telangana Rythu Bandhu Scheme installments has been made on the web. The state govt. won’t give additional checks for the farmers as it was done in the first and second portions of Rythu Bandhu Yojana 2018.

CM K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) referenced that an improved measure of Rs. 5,000 for each section of land per season would be disseminated. A year ago, CM KCR had raised the help sum from Rs. 8,000 for every section of land to Rs. 10,000 for each section of land in a solitary year as money impetus.

Need to Stop Cheque Distribution of Rythu Bandhu Scheme

In the advanced gathering led by CM KCR, the authorities clarified the trouble looked by the apparatus at ground level in circulation of checks to farmers. Besides, there is a trouble in the arduous cycle associated with the readiness and payment of checks from the state head quarter to the town level. Guidelines are given to the Agriculture division to dispense the plan advantage to the farmers accounts straightforwardly through online with no exposure.

New Pattadar Passbook Initiative – Dharani

The state govt. will give “New Pattadar Passbooks” to the ranchers alongside the checks. This is a chronicled land purging drive in which 1523 income groups have moved toward ranchers straightforwardly to check their property records unequivocally. The significant highlights constantly of this Pattadar Passbook drive are as per the following:-

This activity is useful in completion all land debates of the ranchers.

Telangana govt. had finished the whole cycle in only 100 days on a quick tack premise.

This whole passbook readiness measure was completed in 3 phases and each data was made accessible in particular Gram Panchayats (GPs).

The state govt. had reached every single rancher to check their legitimate possession. The state govt. has inspected all the complaints and made the fundamental changes.

Presently all the records are saved in the computerized design at Dharani Website. These records will presently get treated as single proof in all land record matters.

These 2 activities will rethink the eventual fate of horticulture in the state just as across the whole nation. Both these activities are first-of-their-sort never observed activity for ranchers government assistance.

For more details, the official website link

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