Telangana Lunch Box Scheme – Meals for Pregnant Women,2020

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A very helpful step for pregnant ladies in Telangana, Telangana govt. is going to launch Lunch Box scheme 2020 soon, meals to pregnant women who are going for treatment in government hospitals in the state, earlier initiatives like KCR Kits, Amma Odi to improve the health of pregnant ladies & infants were successful, Read complete details here

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme 2020

Dear friends Telangana govt has going to take a great step by the launch of this scheme, Lunch Box Scheme 2020 will be before long launched by the Telangana government. In this plan, the state govt. will give foods to those pregnant ladies who are going for treatment in government emergency clinics in the state. The primary goal is to improve the soundness of pregnant women just as unborn kids. The state govt. of Telangana will before long dispatch Lunch Box Scheme 2020 for pregnant ladies. In this plan, all the pregnant women from various towns will be given dinners including curry and egg while on their visit to the clinic. The public authority accepts that delays in treatment at the emergency clinic can prompt pregnant ladies not eating rice or wholesome food, which can harm their wellbeing and influence their unborn babies.

Healthy Diet Benefits for Pregnant Women & Baby

There are endless advantages of eating well nourishment for pregnant women just as their children. A nutritious eating routine gives lady more feasible energy, a more grounded resistant framework just as diminished danger of sickness. Here are a portion of different advantages of a solid pregnancy diet which are given below:-

  • Less Complications
  • Increased Energy
  • Successful Fetal Development
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced Risk of Getting Sick

Pregnant lady need to eat well for their own wellbeing just as for their infant’s wellbeing. Eating admirably during pregnancy diminishes the odds, for example, frailty, low birth weight, birth absconds and can even assistance with upsetting pregnancy side effects.

Govt. Initiative to Benefit Pregnant Ladies & New Born Babies

The plan will profit every one of those going to the emergency clinics from distant towns. The Telangana government has likewise executed different plans, for example, the KCR Kit and Amma Odi in government medical clinics over the State. After its execution, the quantity of IP and OP patients have expanded in clinics, alongside institutional conveyances.

Eligibility criteria

The scheme is eligible for women who is the permanent residence of Telangana and give birth at government hospitals, for a maximum of two deliveries.

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