Solar Water Pump Sets to FarmersKarnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2021

Karnataka govt. as launched a new scheme Surya Raitha Scheme 2021 to provide solar water pump sets to farmers to ensure steady daytime power supply through replacement of irrigation pump sets, check complete details here.

Karnataka government will welcomed Surya Raitha Scheme 2021 to give sun water pump sets to the farmer. In this manner, the state govt. will supplant the current water system pump sets (IP Pumps) with these sun oriented water pump to create overabundance energy. As needs be, govt. had launched this plan on the pilot premise in Kanakapura on 19 January 2019.

In the underlying stage, Karnataka govt. will supplant 310 IP sets with sun powered water pump sets. These sun powered siphons have around 1.5 occasions the ability to siphon more water than the current IP Pump Sets. Additionally, these siphons will supply 1/third of the all out energy produced to the close by power framework (get together).

Prior, the state govt. declares this plan in the FY 2014 to satisfy the need of day time power supply for farmers

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2021

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme helps farmer in water system purposes as the farmers need not switch on their IP Sets during night. In this way, the sun based water pumps keep a beware of the force and water wastage. Karnataka govt. will launch this plan through reserves gathered from blend of farmers speculation, Central and State govt. sponsorship and delicate credits from Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM).

BESCOM will recuperate the advance sum through the expense of abundance energy sent out in the matrix. After the recuperation of credit sum, BESCOM will store the overabundance sum in ranchers financial balance. As needs be, the recompense time frame will associate with 12 to 14 years as the measure of produced power and its use will take this measure of time. Karnataka Electricity Regulation Commission (KERC) will fix the duty plans and accordingly the net meter incomes will get stored in the Escrow Account. Govt. will utilize this levy for reimbursement of advance, age based motivators and furthermore give certain add up to the general public for support.

BSECOM Initiatives

BESCOM will perform the following functions:-

  • Creation of Farmer’s Cooperatives.
  • Subsequently, BESCOM will also provide channel subsidies.
  • To provide soft-loans to the farmers.
  • Signing Power Purchase Agreements for a span of 25 years.
  • To ensure proper power supply to the Pump Sets.

Karnataka Suryan Rath BSECOM

The credit sum will be remedied through the expense of extra energy sent out in the BESCOM matrix. After recuperation of credit sum, BESCOM will store extra sum in farmers financial balance. The reimbursement time of the advance sum ought to associate with 12 to 14 years, on the grounds that the measure of power created and its utility will be charged based on pay.

Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) will fix duty plans and consequently store net meter income retained record. The public authority will utilize this levy to give some add up to society to obligation reimbursement, creation based motivators and for upkeep.

Surya Raitha Scheme – Kanakapura: Karnataka govt. will shape “Harobele Surya Raitha Vidyuthchakthi Balakedarara Sangha Niyamitha Society” for the fruitful execution of this pilot project. The essential errand of this general public is to get installment from BESCOM and disseminate these assets among the farmers.

Benefits of Surya Raitha Scheme

  1. Increase in the Agricultural Production.
  2. Steady and Sufficient power supply during daytime.
  3. Steady Source of Income for Farmers even in the adverse climatic conditions.

This scheme will eliminate the need of providing energy subsidy to the farmers. Furthermore, solar water pump scheme will also reduce the BESCOM’s infrastructure cost and will also minimize their demand and technical loss.

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