Rural areas to get 600 million LED bulbs at ₹10 apiece without govt subsidy Rural Ujala scheme will start next month

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Dear friends our gobvernment is going to take a new step in rural areas deveopment by the launch of this new scheme Rural UJALA Scheme under this scheme 60 crore LED bulbs will be distributed in villages. This plan is good, starting with the aim of saving electricity. Farmers will get a bulb of 70 rupees for 10 rupees.

India Ujala Yojana (Gramin Ujala Yojana) will be launched by the Modi government from one month from now. Under this, 60 crore LED bulbs will be circulated in the towns. This plan is being dispatched with a goal to carry energy proficiency to the towns and increment the reserve funds of individuals living there through decrease in power bill.

Public Sector Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) one month from now will dispatch another program called Gramin Ujala Yojana from provincial regions of five urban communities of the nation including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary electorate Varanasi . This plan is being launched with an expectation to carry energy productivity to the towns and increment the reserve funds of individuals living there through decrease in power bill. Under this plan to be executed in a staged way, three to four LED bulbs will be circulated in the towns at the pace of Rs 10-10 for each bulb for every family.

Important things about the scheme

  • According to the relaesed notifications, there are plans to distribute 60 crore LED bulbs to about 15 to 20 crore rural households. ”The source said that the scheme will be implemented in a phased manner. 
  • Initially it will be implemented in rural areas of Varanasi (Parliamentary constituency of the Prime Minister) in Uttar Pradesh, Ara in Bihar, Nagpur in Maharashtra, Vadnagar in Gujarat and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh
  • The target is to provide 3 to 4 bulbs to 15 to 20 crore families at the rate of Rs 10 per LED under this scheme
  • The implementation of this scheme will save about 9324 million units annually while reducing carbon emissions by 7.65 million tonnes annually
  • An estimated savings of about Rs 50,000 crore annually. The source said, “This will save people money in the form of electricity bill, while promoting a sustainable and better life.

Objective of the scheme

The principle objective is to advance proficient lighting, improve mindfulness on utilizing productive hardware which diminish power bills and help save climate.

Eligibility criteria to get benefits from this scheme

Each network associated customer having a metered association from their individual Electricity Distribution Company can get the LED bulbs at about 40% of the market cost under the UJALA Scheme. Shoppers likewise have the choice of paying for the LEDs in likened regularly scheduled payments.

Required documents for applying this scheme

  • Photo copy of the latest electricity bill
  • A copy of photo ID proof
  • A copy of residential proof (The address on the residential proof must match the address on the electricity bill.)
  • Cash advance in case of on-bill financing (balance amount recovered from the electricity bill) or full amount in case of upfront payment for each LED. In case of upfront payment, address proof is not mandatory.

If any LED bulb get refused

Driven bulbs have long life (> 15 years whenever utilized of 4-5 hours consistently) and are not liable to combine. Nonetheless, if the LED bulb quits working because of a specialized imperfection, EESL will give liberated from cost guarantee to all specialized flaws for a very long time. What’s more, the substitutions will be done through assigned retail locations that will be conveyed after the circulation closes. During the conveyance, substitutions should be possible through any of the DELP dissemination counters that would be working inside the city. Any EESL LED bulb can be supplanted with some other organization’s EESL LED bulb.

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