Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana

Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021, empower Women Headed Households (WHH)

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Check complete details here for Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021 to empower Women Headed Households (WHH), check allocation amount, eligibility criteria, objectives & how women empowerment would be done,

Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021

The Punjab Cabinet has chosen to execute Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana 2021. This plan would enable the ladies headed families in the state. Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojna is required to profit arund 8 lakh families which are going by ladies. In this article, we will inform you regarding the total subtleties of the plan. The territory of Punjab has around 54,86,851 families based on Census 2011. Out of these families, around 7,96,030 families are going by ladies. The principle point of Punjab Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana is to engage Women Headed Households (WHH) who is a grown-up female and the sole or fundamental pay worker and leader.

Allocation for Mata Tripta Mahila Yojna

According to a gauge, an extra distribution of Rs. 177.1 crore per annum including Rs. 5 crore for IEC exercises would be needed from the year 2021-22. This distribution for Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana is needed for new intercessions. Besides, dispensed sum would likewise be utilized for spread and effort programs which would cover every one of the qualified recipients.

Eligibility Criteria for Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana

The applicants must fulfill the below mentioned eligibility criteria to become eligible for Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana:-

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Punjab state.
  • The applicant women must be the head of the household.
  • She must be a widow / deserted woman / separated woman / divorced woman / unmarried woman.
  • She must be the sole earning member in the family.

Objectives of Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana in Punjab

This plan will zero in on giving the advantages of existing/continuous government plans being controlled by different divisions.

The fundamental target of this favorable to ladies drive is to contact all the destitute ladies headed families in the state.

Punjab state govt. will offer types of assistance/benefits straightforwardly to ladies headed families.

This plan would guarantee the privileges of ladies with respect to medical care, training, work, security and poise in all circles of life.

In the new plan, Punjab govt. would attempt new drives and projects to cover those viewpoints and necessities which have so far not been covered sufficiently under any current Centrally/State supported plan or ladies/young lady kid situated plan.

Ladies’ Empowerment through Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana

Ladies’ strengthening through Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana alludes to the activity of raising the situation with ladies. This improvement in ladies status would be done through mindfulness, instruction, preparing and equivalent freedom all over. Strengthening of ladies is consequently about preparing ladies to settle on life deciding choices for themselves.

According to Census 2011, ladies comprise 47.23% of absolute populace of the Punjab state when contrasted with 48.5% at the public level. The complete populace of Punjab is 2.7 crore, out of which, guys number 1.4 crores and females number 1.3 crore.

Through Mata Tripta Mahila Yojana, the Punjab Government is focused on the strengthening of ladies in the state. It has effectively taken numerous drives for ladies through uncommon plans and strategies. The booking for ladies in the Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) has been expanded to half. Moreover, the booking of ladies in government occupations has been raised to 33%.

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