Odisha Garima Scheme 2021 for Safety / Dignity of Core Sanitation Workers

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Odisha Garima Scheme 2021 for safety & dignity of around 20,000 core sanitation workers and their families. Read complete details here

Odisha Garima Scheme 2021 has been launched by the CM Naveen Patnaik drove state government. In this plan, Odisha govt. will give advantages to around 20,000 crore disinfection laborers and their families covering 1 lakh populace. This plan will guarantee wellbeing and pride of center disinfection laborers. A devoted corpus store at first with Rs. 50 crore will likewise be made. This plan would standardize and manage center sterilization administrations to give federal retirement aide and monetary advantages to laborers and their families.

Alongwith Odisha Garima Scheme 2021, a State Commission for Core Sanitation Workers will likewise be established. The Garima Scheme will be executed in every one of the 114 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of the Odisha state. This plan was dispatched on 11 September 2020.

The principle focal point of this plan is to understand the vision of disposal of manual rummaging which makes different mishaps foragers.

Odisha Garima Scheme 2021 for Core Sanitation Workers

As the country is taking jump in different areas and is contending with the best on the planet. Be that as it may, even in this developing world, the wellbeing and pride of manual foragers is as yet not guaranteed. These oppressed individuals were made to deliver this important support of the general public for ages and were denied of wellbeing, pride and a good job and furthermore experiences experiencing social shame and prohibition. So to address this foul play to center disinfection laborers, the state govt. has chosen to dispatch Odisha Garima Scheme 2021.

Objectives of the Scheme

The Garima Scheme for manual foragers is a first-of-its-sort drive by any state in India. This plan is dispatched to give an extensive bundle which incorporates:-

Organizing and controlling the center sterilization administrations

Offering support level advantages

To give government backed retirement advantages to center disinfection laborers alongside their families.

Monetary advantages to manual foragers and their families.

Expanded spotlight on requirement of legal arrangements under different public and state enactments.

Roughly 20,000 center disinfection laborers just as their families with around 1 Lakh populace would be profited from the plan.

Official Launch of the Odisha Garima Scheme by CM Naveen Patnaik

Here are the authority tweets about the dispatch of the Odisha Garima Scheme by CM Naveen Patnaik through his twitter ID @Naveen_Odisha. Under the plan, a study would be embraced to distinguish disinfection laborers across the state occupied with center sterilization occupations and to enroll them under an information base. Enrollment of private sterilization administration associations with ULBs for authorisation would likewise be worked with. Working long stretches of sterilization laborers would be restricted to 6 hours of the day. The sterilization laborers and their relatives would likewise be given health care coverage.

Benefits of Odisha Garima Scheme

Odisha Garima Scheme means to distinguish center sterilization laborers through state wide overview. It is finished by enrolling center sterilization laborers, orders enlistment of disinfection specialist organizations, guarantees arrangement of vital machines and fitting PPEs to guarantee safe working conditions. The Government of Odisha will give a few advantages to center sterilization laborers in the Garima Scheme which are as per the following:-

  • Skill Improvement and training
  • Counselling Support for new skills
  • Financial Support for alternative livelihood
  • Health and life insurance
  • Disability support
  • Periodic health check-ups
  • Housing support
  • Educational support
  • Mobility support
  • Mobile support
  • Introduction of Special Category of Wages for core sanitation work
  • Introduction of Risk and Hardship Allowance
  • Financial assistance to families in an event of accident or injury
  • Financial support in form of House Grant
  • Purchase of 2 wheelers to extent of 90% of cost
  • Access to EPF benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Post Service benefits
  • Illness allowance

These advantages under Odisha Garima Scheme will give further security to around 20,000 center sterilization laborers and their families to cover no less than one lakh populace.

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