New Yojana for Rajasthan, Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 for MGNREGA Workers

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Dear Friends Rajasthan Government is going to taking a initiative by tranding a new campaign in Rajasthan, Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 This campaign has been launched for MGNREGA Workers, full wages to labourers & proper worksite mgmt. in Poora Kaam Poora Daam Abhiyan, For more details read the complete article below.

Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign

About the scheme

Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 has been welcomed by the Rajasthan government on 2 November. The state’s Rural Development Department has launched Poora Kaam Poora Daam Abhiyan to inspire and prepare MGNREGA laborers. It would help in finishing work appointed to the laborers so they can get full wages and furthermore guarantee it by improving worksite the board. The record has been shipped off the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot for endorsement. Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign is dispatched for laborers working under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) Scheme. Despite the fact that the greatest pay under MGNREGS is Rs. 220, laborers are being paid according to the measure of work done against task alloted to them. The low pace of wages shows poor worksite the board.

Mates Workers are not persuading their kindred specialists to finish their allocated task, anyway hardly any laborers are taking care of their responsibility appropriately. There is some obliviousness about the measure of errand to be relegated to laborers by specialized staff and mates. These focuses would be improved and remedial measures would be taken under the Poora Kaam Poora Daam Campaign.

Implementation of Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign

  • In case of any absentee worker Rajasthan Govt. will encourage the laborers to register a complaint.
  • The mates will be prepared further and govt. is zeroing in on expanding the contribution of women mates (half), who can inspire the workers better (as 70% labor force is ladies).
  • Mindfulness will be made among laborers about the upside of finishing the undertaking relegated to them.

Need for Poora Kaam Poora Daam Abhiyan

The wage pay rate in Rajasthan is Rs 162. Errors were seen in the installment of wages in the course of the last 4-5 years. The individuals who work earnestly and the individuals who don’t, procure a similar sum. It has been seen that because of low compensation rate, the general misfortune acquired by Rajasthan workers is around Rs 2,400 crore.

The technical staff and the mates (worksite managers) are liable for this as they receive false methods in arrival of installments. Destitute individuals are most noticeably terrible victims because of this. In the current circumstance, constrained to build normal compensation rate, they are making higher installments for less work (for instance: Rs 180 paid for performing 10% errand). This influences resources creation severely.

In this way, the state govt. of Rajasthan has begun Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign around 3 years back. Prior, govt. had begun it in Ajmer and it ended up being a tremendous achievement. Resources creation got a lift through this mission is as yet being run in scarcely any areas.

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