(Closed) Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme 2021 under Biju Yuva Vahini Programme

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Read the complete article given below to know about Odisha scheme, Odisha govt closed Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme 2021 (I am Hero, I am Odisha) under Biju Yuva Vahini Program, BYV scheme got no allocation in Budget, scheme was launched in 2018 to identify young achievers & to give them recognition

Biju Yuva Vahini Wrapped Up with No Allocation in Budget 2021: Odisha govt. had launchedd Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme (I am Hero, I am Odisha) back in FY 2018 under Biju Yuva Vahini Program. It currently stands shut. This mission was dispatched to distinguish influencers and perceiving their commitment for the state. At the dispatch occasion, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik encouraged a few young people who have won honors, both on National and International level and have accomplished moving work for the government assistance of the general public.

The essential goal of Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme was to distinguish youthful gifts who have performed well in different rivalries and to give them acknowledgment. This plan was to empower different youngsters across the state to take motivation from them and add to the advancement of the state.

Acknowledgment to such achievers help skilled kids in making them genuine legends and good examples for the remainder of adolescents. The state govt. had recognized their commitment and needs that different young people begin endeavoring to turn into a good example like them.

(Closed) Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme under Biju Yuva Vahini Program

CM Naveen Patnaik had dispatched Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme to distinguish youthful achievers of the state and to give them acknowledgment. Among the individuals who govt congratulated were Jhilli Dalabehera (Bronze medalist at 2018 IWF Junior World Weightlifting Championship), Jafar Iqbal (Participant of World Cup Cricket Tournament for the visually impaired) and a 6 year old young lady, Mamta Dalai (National Bravery Award 2017 Winner)

Launch Event for Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme

At the dispatch occasion for Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme, CM said that “Odisha is a place where there is bold men. The children of this dirt has consistently worked for the pride and confidence of Odias. There are Gopabandhus, Madhubabus and Bijubabus living in each town, town and home and these individuals should be distinguished”.

CM likewise said that he is charmed to signal off Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme whose primary object is to recognize the potential among the adolescents and to give them acknowledgment in the general public. Any normal individual can do remarkable things and become genuine legend. Patnaik said that he is pleased to have such persuasive achievers who are the genuine motivation for society and we ought to recognize their commitment.

Mu Hero Mu Odisha Scheme under Biju Yuva Vahini Program was to associate with potential and desires of individuals from all areas of society. To apply online for Mu Hero Program, visit official site – http://www.bijuyuvavahini.com/Muhero.aspx

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