Andhra Pradesh, Grid-connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme in for Farmers

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Now All the connections will be solar based with the capacity of 3 HP & 5 HP for agriculture in Andhra Pradesh this new scheme has been lauched in AP. Read complete information here .

Andhra Government to Solarise Agricultural Connections
Grid-connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets

Hello Dear Reader, Today we come with a new scheme launched in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh govt. has Introduced Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme for Farmers. Under this plan, presently all the new agribusiness associations will be sun-powered based. The state govt. will flexibly Solar Pumpsets having a limit of 3 HP and 5 HP. This Pump Set Yojana is to push Agricultural Connections to Solar Connections.

This Grid associated Solar BLDC Pump Sets Scheme will guarantee daytime power gracefully, cost effective water system to ranchers. Besides, the sponsorship trouble for new agrarian associations will be decreased from the AP government.

In the underlying stage, the Energy Dept. had introduced 250 siphon sets on pilot premise in the Vizianagaram area. Presently the state govt. is executing this plan in Vishakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and different regions of the state.

Objective of the scheme

Reducing the appropriation trouble for rural associations – To date, the state govt. pays sponsorship on the acquisition of each new farming associations. Presently this plan will change the horticultural associations with sun-powered associations will lessen the sponsorship trouble from the state govt.

Cost Effective – Most of the siphon sets utilized in horticulture are power based or diesel based (generators). In India, Villages normally experiences issue of Electricity while the diesel put together generators runs with respect to diesel whose costs are expanding. Along these lines, this will be a savvy strategy.

Daytime Power Supply – For utilization of siphons in water system, govt. typically gives power around evening time both in winters and summers. In winters, ranchers need to work in antagonistic conditions because of chilly climate. Thus, Solar Pump Sets will empower the ranchers to use the produced power for water system in any event, during daytime.

Implementation of the scheme

All the Superintending Engineers will order all new associations coming up in the state to sun based. This would be done on finishing of existing objective of 50,000 horticulture associations for every year on appropriation. The absolute number of existing farming associations is around 17.20 lakh for which the state govt. has designated an appropriation measure of 6,030.17 crore in this year.

Savings Due to Avoided Subsidy with Grid Connected Solar BLDC Pumpset

Capital Cost of 5 HP Grid Connected Solar BLDC PumpsetRs. 4,00,000
Net Present Value (NPV) of annual subsidyRs. 4,60,927
NPV of Savings to APEPDCL due to avoided subsidyRs. 60,927

Issuance of new Agricultural Connections in AP

Vitality Dept. has followed a simple methodology for horticultural associations based on targets encircled by APERC in their levy request for FY 2018-19. Presently govt’s consent will be required for giving new agrarian associations. Interest for new rural associations is ascending in Prakasam, Kurnool and Anantpur regions as these territories are confronting dry season conditions.

Around 1.84 lakh applications for horticulture associations are as yet forthcoming. Out of this, solitary 60,000 are paid applications and govt. will before long clear those applications which doesn’t need erection of dissemination transformers. Presently all the new associations will be put in the Solar Category and ranchers will be urged to utilize sunlight based siphon sets. With Solar Pumps, ranchers can benefit day time power gracefully with no compelling reason to hang tight for APTransco for new associations.

Adani Group has put the least statement of Rs. 3.35 lakh for 3 HP Pumpset while Junna Powers has cited most minimal offered for 4.29 lakhfor 5 HP Pumpset. APEPDCL is making arrangements to let down the cost further.

What AP Govt. will Do with Surplus Energy

Because of proficient pumpsets, surplus vitality produced from sun based boards after utilization by BLDC pumpsets can be infused into lattice. This overabundance vitality infused into framework results will diminish power buy cost for APEPDCL. AP govt. has declared installment of Rs. 1.50/kWh to the ranchers for the abundance vitality infused into the matrix.

Rancher is giving lease free land to establishment of Grid associated sun powered BLDC pumpsets in his field and is keeping up the benefit by washing and cleaning sun based boards consistently. Henceforth acquisition of overabundance power from ranchers at INR 1.50 per unit of vitality infused into lattice is a success win circumstance for APEPDCL just as ranchers.

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